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Build a New Career with LPN Training

If you’re in the United States, and you’re mulling over a career as an LPN, or licensed practical nurse, you’ll need to find the right training schools in your area. The first thing that you need to know about choosing ideal schools that will give you a strong foundation for future career success is that the best educational facilities will always be accredited institutions. An accredited LPN school is recognized by governing bodies, such as official state nursing boards and the National League for Nursing Accreditation, Ltd.

Consider Distance Education Programs

Your area could be a small place with a population of just over five thousand people, and probably not a hotbed for colleges, universities, and medical training academies. Most aspiring licensed practical nurses in the U.S choose to study their craft via distance education programs. For example, students who have completed introductory LPN training courses through online learning academies will be eligible for the degree completion program offered by Indiana State University. This ISU program (LPN/LVN to Nursing BS) is delivered through online study, and it allows LPNs to augment their education so they can earn top wages while working in hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities. To find out more about this highly-ranked and recommended LPN degree program, visit Indiana State University’s official website.

Understand Educational Prerequisites

Before applying to an LPN training academy (such as a college, university, or community college), it is important to understand what educational prerequisites are. In some cases, these prerequisites will dictate whether or not you have a chance of being accepted into a licensed practical nursing degree program or certificate program. On average, most accredited educational institutions will require a high school diploma from their applicants; for degree completion programs, universities will need to see certificates from LPN training academies.

Students who wish to be accepted into competitive LPN programs must demonstrate proficiency in Math and English, and they should also have knowledge of anatomy and biology. A certificate in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) may also be a prerequisite for most American LPN programs in the U.S.

Consider Your Future Job Description

While you’re deciding whether or not to pursue LPN training while living in your current town or city, you should gain a sense of exactly what your future job will entail. While licensed practical nurses operate in many specialties (such as palliative care or pediatric care), they will always be responsible for recording vital signs, weighing patients, taking temperatures, using blood pressure cuffs on patients, rubbing sore muscles, cleaning patients, and providing a helping hand with other moderately complex health care tasks.

LPNs may also turn patients to prevent bedsores, provide basic wound care, and administer enemas. If you are able to care for others in this intimate fashion while remaining professional and calm, you will likely do very well in this line of work.

Aspiring LPNs should be caring, compassionate people who genuinely want to help others. A good LPN with excellent technical skills and the right attitude may earn up to twenty dollars per hour for his or her services. Salaries for this position vary by state; in Wyoming, a typical LPN will earn about $32,500 per annum. In most cases, LPNs who are hired on a full-time basis will also receive attractive benefits packages, and many will enjoy excellent job security.

Since Baby Boomers are aging and requiring more practical nursing care, this career pathway has plenty of potential. Over the next decade, more and more LPNs will be needed to assist Boomers with managing a range of health issues.

LPN Training May Lead to a Fulfilling Career

If you have the right educational prerequisites and you are willing to throw yourself into your studies, signing up for LPN training in a local or online college/university may be a great educational choice that leads to a fulfilling career. To find out more about LPN education and future career prospects, please spend some time browsing our informative website.